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The Stages of Meth Abuse

The stages of meth abuse can progress quickly resulting in dangerous effects. Struggling with this dangerous drug can have devastating results. It can lead to changes in a person’s mood and behaviors, lead to health issues, and cause problems with law enforcement.

The highly addictive stimulant drug has been becoming increasingly dangerous across the United States, leading to the destruction of many lives. Beginning a process of healing can result in a positive and productive life for those who struggle with this dangerous drug. 

Early Stages of Meth Abuse

In the early stages of meth abuse, the drug may not be affecting a person’s life in drastic ways yet. During initial use of this drug, the effects can be pleasurable and using meth can seem like a fun time. 

Those who use this drug experimentally though, do not take into account the dangers that are associated with even one use of the drug. The early stages of meth abuse can be visible through rapid and extreme weight loss in the user. It can cause an exaggerated sense of confidence. It can also cause suppressed appetite, increased energy, and heightened alertness. 

Recreational Meth Use

The stages of meth abuse generally progress to recreational use. This is when someone uses the drug more often. During this time, they can build tolerance to the drug and need more and more of it in order to achieve or feel the desired effects.

During this stage, a person can begin to crave the drug and feel the desire to continue using it more often. The continued use of meth can progressively get worse, leading to meth addiction. Fortunately, we at Enlightened Recovery can help.

Meth Addiction

The most severe of the stages of meth abuse is addiction. At this point a person has completely lost control of their use, and despite the consequences of using meth, they continue. The effects that this drug can have on a person’s emotional well-being can be intense.

Drugs affect a person’s mental health, and meth is no different. Using this drug can cause mental health conditions like depression and anxiety to become more prominent. A person’s behaviors have become more self-destructive at this point. They may be lying and stealing in order to get their next fix.

Physically, the drug could be causing malnutrition and other concerning health issues that medical professionals should treat. This can include changes in cognitive functionality. Meth affects the brain so intensely that it can cause a person to have memory and learning problems. This is due to the damage of brain cells over time using this drug. 

Signs of Late Meth Abuse

The stages of meth abuse can lead to addiction. When this stage has been reached there can be some severe impacts to a person’s life and overall well-being. Continued use of meth can lead to what is known as meth mouth. This term is used to describe severe deterioration in dental health.

Because the drug stunts saliva production, it results in dry mouth. This can help to promote tooth decay and gum disease. Long-term use of meth can also result in open sores from picking the skin. Often, those who are struggling with meth have hallucinations which often surround bugs crawling on and under the skin.

Meth also leads to heightened energy levels, causing a person to require less sleep. The longer a person stays awake, the more intense their behaviors can be. The body needs sleep in order to recuperate and reset itself. Thus, staying awake long-term for days on end can lead to meth psychosis.

When a person is reaching the end of a meth binge, they can experience tweaking. This means they are unable to reach the desired effects and have intense cravings for the drug, despite not feeling the desired rush or high when using it. 

Meth Withdrawal and Detox

Meth withdrawal and detox is a necessary step to beginning the healing process. Removing the toxic drug from the system is crucial to being able to adhere to a plan for recovery. Meth withdrawal symptoms can include itchy eyes, disturbances in sleep patterns, increased appetite, depression and anxiety.

Addiction to meth is an extremely dangerous thing to endure. However, there is help available. Going through meth withdrawal and detox is the first stage. Being medically supervised and having ways to alleviate the symptoms can make this process easier, and help to avoid severe health complications as a result of withdrawal.

Getting the right kind of care as a person begins this process can make a huge difference in their success. Once meth detox and withdrawal has been completed, healing can begin.

Enlightened Recovery Can Help

Struggling with meth addiction can lead to lifelong impacts on health and overall well-being. It can lead to irreversible damage to the brain and different vital organs in the body. If you or a loved one are struggling with meth, there is help available. Enlightened Recovery helps those who are struggling with meth to find a way out, and learn how to live without the toxic substance.

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